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Chandigarh/ PGI again received donation for poor patients welfare fund

The generous contribution was made by Ashok Kundra, a retired IAS officer, in the memory of his father late Atma Ram Kundra

Chandigarh : PGIMER, a renowned medical institute dedicated to providing healthcare services to the under privileged, is pleased to announce a significant donation with endowment of Rs 2 crores to the Poor Patients Welfare Fund. The generous contribution was made by Ashok Kundra, a retired IAS officer, in the memory of his father late Atma Ram Kundra for providing help to the poor and needy patients at the bottom of the pyramid suffering from non-terminable diseases for treatment, procedures, tests and medicines etc.

Kundra accompanied by his wife Sunanda Kundra presented a bankers cheque of Rs 2 crore to Dr Vivek Lal, Director, PGIMER. The annual interest there on will contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Poor Patients Welfare Fund in providing essential medical treatment and care to those who cannot afford it.
The ceremony took place at Director Office, where key dignitaries of the institution were present to witness the generous act.

Among the notable attendees were Sh Pankaj Rai, Deputy Director Administration, Dr Vipin Koushal, Medical Superintendent, and Sh Varun Ahluwalia, Financial Advisor.

In expressing gratitude for the donation, Dr Vivek Lal, Director of PGI, stated, “We are extremely grateful for Sh Ashok Kundra’s contribution to the Poor Patients Welfare Fund. This generous donation will enable us to reach even more underprivileged individuals and ensure they receive the medical attention they deserve. Such acts of kindness reaffirm our faith in humanity and inspire us to continue our mission of providing high-quality healthcare to all.”
The Poor Patients Welfare Fund, PGIMER aims to bridge the gap between medical treatments and financial constraints faced by disadvantaged individuals. This fund ensures that nobody is denied critical healthcare services due to financial limitations. PPWF receive donation online at PGI portal

PGIMER, acknowledges the selfless commitment of individuals like Sh Kundra, who understand the importance of supporting the underprivileged and providing them with a chance at a healthier life. Through this donation, PGI can further its mission of delivering healthcare excellence with compassion and empathy.

PGI is a leading medical institute dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background. With a commitment to excellence, compassion, and innovation, PGI strives to achieve the highest standards of patient care and medical research.