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Chandigarh/ 6th National Nutrition Conference by PGIMER’s Deptt. of Dietetics commences yesterday

“Unlocking Millets’ Journey From Grain To Medicine”, the groundbreaking book authored by Dr Nancy Sahni launched at the Conference

Chandigarh : In commemoration of World Health Day, the 6th National Nutrition Conference, themed “Functional Nutrition: Its Role in Clinical Practice hosted by PGIMER’s Deptt. of Dietetics commenced yesterday at the Bhargava Auditorium, PGIMER,
In a significant stride towards nutritional advancement, the distinguished dignitaries, including Prof. Naresh Panda, Dean (Academics), Prof. Vipin Koushal, Medical Superintendent, and Prof. Ashok Kumar, Additional Medical Superintendent, PGIMER launched a groundbreaking book titled “Unlocking Millets’ Journey From Grain To Medicine,” authored by Dr. Nancy Sahni, Chief Dietician and Head of the Deptt. of Dietetics, during the inaugural session of the Conference.

Commending Dr. Nancy Sahni’s seminal work, Prof. Naresh Panda, the Chief Guest, expressed his admiration, stating, “Dr. Nancy’s extensive research and profound insights presented in the book promise to enrich our understanding of the nutritional and therapeutic value embedded within these grains. It offers a comprehensive guide to leveraging their potential for wellness, disease prevention, and management.”
Echoing this sentiment, Prof. Vipin Koushal, Guest of Honour, lauded the initiative as he remarked, “The comprehensive exploration presented by Dr. Nancy Sahni in her book underscores the significance of millets as a versatile crop with medicinal properties. Her work is a valuable contribution to the scientific community and will inspire further research in the field.”

Dr. Nancy Sahni, in her address, emphasized the transformative impact of the book, shedding light on the multifaceted contributions of millets to overall wellbeing, and positioning it as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment in the field of nutrition. She elaborated, “Unlocking Millets’ Journey From Grain To Medicine” advocates for the adoption of proper processing techniques to enhance the digestibility and bioavailability of millets’ nutrients, offering practical and easily understandable methods to derive maximum nutritional benefit from these ancient grains.”

Central to Dr. Nancy’s book is the millet exchange list, a pioneering resource elucidating the macro and micronutrient profiles, along with essential amino acids present in millets. This invaluable tool is poised to empower nutrition enthusiasts and practicing dieticians alike, facilitating the seamless integration of millets into everyday dietary practices.
The launch event also featured a collection of meticulously curated millet recipes, organoleptically evaluated among doctors and patients, showcasing the versatility and culinary potential of millets. From savory delights to delectable desserts, these recipes exemplify the delicious and nutritious possibilities of millets.

Aligned with the conference theme, esteemed speakers and experts from diverse backgrounds shared their expertise, experiences, and insights, highlighting the importance of nutrition in promoting overall health and well-being.